'Painting Break, is the artist's first self-published book, serving as a natural progression and framing device to his work and ideas.
(side dish)
In many ways, the title is self-referential to his practice, as well as suggesting a break within Steven's own developed language.
Steven is interested in the 'digestion', or consumption of an image, within a process of framing - literal or conceptual. Images and text co-exist, either developing or disrupting a dialogue, stirring a concoction which either tastes bitter or sweet come the end.

The work operates within an expanded field of painting, transitive, beside themselves and itself. Certain foods are used as motifs as an entry point into the broad language of image making/consumption and painting.

A5, 56 pages, Full Colour, Retail Price £6


London, UK- 
ICA Bookshop, The Mall, SW1Y 5AH
Light Eye Mind
Ti Pi Tin, 47 Stoke Newington High St, N16 8EL
Transition Gallery, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Rd, E8 4QN

Glasgow, UK-
Good Press, 5 St. Margaret's Place, G1 5JY

Cologne, DE-
Walther Koenig Books, Ehrenstraße 4, 50672 Köln

Istanbul, TUR-
Torna, Caferaga Mah. Moda Caddesi, Kefeli Pasajı, 81/14, Kadıköy, Istanbul

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